GE’s new light bulbs work with Google Assistant but a hub

What’s that we say, friend? Haven’t had adequate Google news for a day? Have no fear. Here’s a small additional from a folks during General Electric. The association announced this afternoon that a C by GE bulbs are a initial to lift Made for Google certification.

That means a bulbs will work with Google Home inclination right out of a box, but a need for a intelligent home heart — that is nice, given nothing of a entrance spin inclination competition a functionality. Screw a tuber in, and a Home device should detect it automatically, vouchsafing we spin it on and off around voice commands. That all happens around a bluetooth connection.

For good measure, a companies will be charity adult a gold featuring a Home Mini and pre-paired. That will run $55. The new Google-ready bulbs will strike sell on Oct 22. Two-packs of a C-Life and C-Sleep bulbs will run $25 and $35, respectively.

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