Fortnite builder buys anti-cheat program company

Epic’s gotta do something with a income it’s copy by Fortnite purchases. Acquisitions seem to be during a tip of that list, starting with Kamu, a Finnish startup behind Easy Anti-Cheat.

Epic has already deployed a anti-cheat program for a extravagantly renouned sandbox presence diversion — it’s been a executive square of a gaming company’s clever anti-cheating stance. It is, as CEO Tim Sweeney puts it in a press release announcing a acquisition, “key to building a colourful Fortnite multiplayer knowledge that’s satisfactory for all players.”

Fortnite isn’t a usually pretension now leveraging Kamu’s best-known offering. The startup says Easy Anti-Cheat is now used by north of 80 games, commissioned on 100 million PCs globally. Chances are flattering decent that if you’ve played a large name pretension in a past year, it’s already on your computer.

Kamu will continue to yield a use to non-Epic titles for a time being. Here’s Kamu CEO Simon Allaeys from a same release, “Joining a Epic family is not usually a childhood dream come true, though a outrageous boost for a goal to assistance developers emanate pleasing gaming experiences. Battling intrigue in games was only a start; currently a products also assistance developers stay rival by identifying actor needs as fast as they emerge.”

The merger also affords Epic a event to set adult emporium in Kamu’s local Helsinki. Terms of a understanding were not disclosed.

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