Haulage vehicles move to new Tokyo fish market

A group of trucks, called turret truck, head to the new Toyosu market from Tsukiji in Tokyo early Sunday. (Kyodo/AP photo)

TOKYO: A number of haulage vehicles and forklifts travelled in a convoy on a road in central Tokyo on early Sunday morning to move from the closed Tsukiji fish market to a new site at a nearby waterfront area in the capital.

The operators of the low-speed mini-vehicles drove them on a 2.3 kilometre stretch of road to the new Toyosu fish market, including a section that has yet to be opened to general use, with permission from the Tokyo metropolitan government.

Following the closure of the Tsukiji market on Saturday after its 83-year history of business, the Toyosu fish market is scheduled to be opened on Thursday.

Some 2,600 haulage vehicles and forklifts used at the aging Tsukiji market are supposed to move to the Toyosu market from Saturday to Wednesday.

At the arrival of the Toyosu market, the transport vehicles were sanitised before entering the site.

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