Scaleway adds intent storage

Cloud hosting association Scaleway is launching intent storage in open beta. The association uses an Amazon S3-compatible API, that means that we could simply reinstate your Amazon S3 bucket with a Scaleway bucket by changing a API finish point.

The simple intent storage package starts during $5.75 per month (€5 per month), that includes 500GB of storage and 500GB of effusive transfer. You afterwards compensate €0.01 per month for each additional GB of storage and €0.02 per month for each additional GB of effusive transfer. And there’s no limit.

You can send information behind and onward between a Scaleway server instance and your intent storage bucket for free. You can also emanate a bucket for giveaway during a open beta phase.

When it comes to use turn agreement, a association promises 99.9 percent accessibility and 99.999 percent excess and insurance of your files.

It’s tough to review Scaleway’s pricing with large competitors, such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure’s blob storage. Pricing differs depending on a segment and a turn of availability. But they tend to be some-more costly than Scaleway if we select customary storage options.

Backblaze’s B2 charges $0.005 per GB of storage per month and $0.01 per GB of effusive send per month. DigitalOcean’s Spaces costs $5 per month for 250 GB of storage, 1TB of effusive transfer, and afterwards $0.02 per additional GB of storage, $0.01 per additional GB of transfer.

But pricing is only one thing. Chances are we don’t wish to work with mixed vendors and compensate for effusive send by hosting your computing instances with one cloud hosting association and your intent storage with another. Having intent storage could assistance remonstrate some-more clients to switch to Scaleway for everything.

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