You can now use a Google Assistant to sequence an Uber or Lyft

If we ever wanted to use your Google Assistant to book we a float with Uber or Lyft, your wishes have been heard. Starting today, you’ll be means to use your voice to ask Google’s practical partner to book we a automobile from Uber, Lyft, Ola, Grab, GO-JEK and identical services.

The new feature works with Google Assistant-enabled speakers and on phones. You can possibly ask a automobile from a specific association or place a some-more general ask (“Hey Google, book a automobile to PDX”) and a partner will lapse stream pricing for all a upheld ridesharing services in your area.

To indeed book a ride, a Assistant will afterwards palm we off to a ridesharing company’s mobile app, though.

Still, it’s a useful underline if we wish to fast review prices or are frantically using around a house, perplexing to container your container for your subsequent trip, and wish to get a automobile quickly.

Lilian Rincon, Google’s executive for a Assistant, told me that carrying a identical underline in Google Maps already done it easier to exercise this in a Assistant, too.

“We consider of a Google Assistant as highlighting a best of Google,” she said. “There is a ridesharing underline in Google Maps and we’ve been operative really closely with that group to prominence this.”

It’s value observant that Google announced a redesign of a visible side of a Google Assistant yesterday. This new underline isn’t directly related to that as distant as we can tell, though it does uncover some of that same concentration on bringing some-more visible elements to a Assistant knowledge by display we a list of prices and a map.

The new underline is now rolling out globally, though usually in English. It’ll enhance to other languages over time.

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