MIT, Google, Cisco and USPTO emanate Prior Art Archive for improved patents

The apparent complement is damaged — there are too many ways to list here, really. The problems surrounding before art are positively among them, and a group of high form companies and organizations are fasten army to residence some of a these with a Prior Art Archive.

The database is a partnership between MIT’s Media Lab, Google, Cisco and a United States Patent and Trademark Office, that positively has a many to benefit here. Using a MIT-hosted archive, apparent margin can find simply permitted examples of before art and other technical information for reference.

“The apparent hearing routine should stop patents from being released on aged or apparent technology,” MIT writes. “Unfortunately, only since record is aged doesn’t meant it is easy for a apparent investigator to find. Particularly in a mechanism field, most before art is in a form of aged manuals, documentation, web sites, etc. that have, until now, not been straightforwardly searchable.”

Google also has a blog post detailing a possess work with a archive, that mostly revolves around search. The association is also implementing AI and ML technologies to assistance accelerate searches. “To this end,” a association writes, “we’ve recently combined an open ecosystem, the Google Patents Public Datasets, to make vast datasets accessible for experimental open policy, economics, and appurtenance training research.”

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