Subscription startup Bespoke Post is formulating the possess brands and products for men

Bespoke Post says it has some-more than 100,000 subscribers sealed adult to accept a monthly “box of awesome” (that’s what it calls a bundles of curated men’s products). Next up: Creating brands and products of a own.

It’s a common pierce for retailers and ecommerce companies to launch their possess brands, though it sounds like Bespoke Post isn’t only looking to emanate general versions of things you’re already buying.

Instead, it says a “brand growth studio” the Foundry will code opportunities for men’s products that don’t exist, work with manufacturers to emanate those products and urge them with feedback from Bespoke Post customers.

The association is also phenomenon a initial new brand, Base Light, that creates bathing products for men, starting with a line of bar soaps. How is this opposite from any other soap? Bespoke Post says a bars are handmade in a United States, but “harsh” mixture like fake dyes, parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

Base Light soaps are accessible for squeeze individually, or as partial of a company’s Refresh Grooming Box. There are also skeleton to launch Base Light-branded face wash, face scrub, face moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, physique rinse and brave oil products this fall.

“Each month, we broach hundreds of thousands of singular box practice filled with all from attire and bathing products to home products and cocktail kits,” pronounced Bespoke Post co-founder Rishi Prabhu in a announcement. “We know a kinds of products the business will adore and can mark marketplace opportunities for products that don’t exist yet.”

Bespoke Post says it will also launch brands in categories like homeware, attire and shoe care.

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