Relike lets we spin a Facebook page into a newsletter

French startup Ownpage has recently expelled a new product called Relike. Relike is one of a easiest ways to get started with email newsletters. You enter a web residence of your Facebook page and that’s about it.

The association automatically pulls your many new posts from your Facebook page and lets we set adult an emailing debate in a few clicks. You can possibly automatically collect your many renouned Facebook posts or manually name a few posts.

Just like any emailing service, we can select between mixed templates, confirm a day of a week and time of a day, import a database of email addresses and more. If you’ve used Mailchimp in a past, you’ll feel right during home.

But a thought isn’t to contest directly with newsletter services. Many amicable media managers, media organizations, tiny companies, nonprofits and sports teams already have a Facebook page though aren’t doing anything on a email front.

Relike is giveaway if we send reduction than 2,000 emails per month and don’t need modernized features. If we wish to get open rates, click-through rates and other features, you’ll need to compensate €5 per month and €0.50 each time we send 1,000 emails.

The company’s other product Ownpage is a bit different. Ownpage has been operative with media organizations to optimize their email newsletters. The association is tracking reading habits on a news site and promulgation personalized email newsletters.

This way, readers will get tailored news and will some-more expected come behind to your site. Many large French news sites use Ownpage for their newsletters, such as Les Echos, L’Express, 20 Minutes, BFM TV, Le Parisien, etc.

Ownpage owner and CEO Stéphane Cambon told me that Relike was a apparent second act. Using browsing information for customized newsletters is one thing, though many gifted amicable media managers know how to contextualize stories and maximize clicks (even if it means clickbait, sure).

The startup was looking during a approach to get this data, and finished adult formulating Relike, that could interest to business over news organizations. For now, both products will hang around. In a future, a association skeleton to supplement Twitter and Instagram integrations as good as improved signup flows for newsletter subscribers.

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