Two weeks with a $16,000 Hasselblad kit

For hobbyist photographers like myself, Hasselblad has always been a chaste oppulance code indifferent for high-end professionals.

To fill a opening between infrequent and dictated photography, they expelled a X1D — a compact, mirrorless middle format. Last summer when Stefan Etienne reviewed a newly expelled camera, I asked to take a picture.

After importing a tender record into Lightroom and flipping by a dozen presets, we joked that we would eat Ramen packets for a subsequent year so we could buy this camera. It was that impressive.

XCD 3.5/30mm lens

Last month Hasselblad sent us a XCD 4/21mm (their latest ultra wide-angle lens) for a two-week review, along with a X1D physique and XCD 3,2/90mm mural lens for comparison. we wanted to see what we could do with a pack and had designed a following:

  • Swipe right on everybody with an unflattering Tinder form design and offer to retake it for them
  • Travel somewhere with fantastic landscapes

My report didn’t offer most time for either, so a weekend outing to a cabin would have to suffice.

As an bland camera

The weekend upstate was rather still and uneventful, yet it served to be a ideal environment to exam out a camera pack since a X1D is delayed A. F.

It takes approximately 8 seconds to spin on, with an additional 2-3 seconds of estimate time after any shiver click — tip that off with a delayed autofocus, delayed shiver recover and brief battery life (I went by a battery within a day, approximately 90 shots fired). Rather than reiterating Stefan’s review, we would suggest reading it here for full specifications.

Coming from a Canon 5D Mark IV, I’m used to immediacy and a decent strike rate. The initial day with a Hasselblad was filled with consistent disappointment from missed moments, missed opportunities. It felt unreal as an bland camera until we shifted toward a some-more counsel proceed — reverting behind to high propagandize SLR days when a hurl of film reason a singular 24 exposures.

When we took pause, we began to conclude a camera’s details: a still shutter, a compress yet stout physique and an discerning interface, including a touchscreen LCD display/viewfinder.

Nothing looks or feels inexpensive about a Swiss-designed, aluminum construction of both a physique and lenses. It’s complicated for a mirrorless camera, yet it feels damn good to hold.

XCD 4/21mm lens

Dramatic landscapes and cityscapes yet an overly farfetched viewpoint — this is where a XCD 4/21mm outperforms other super wide-angle lenses.

With a 105° angle of perspective and 17mm margin of perspective homogeneous on a full-framed DSLR, we was awaiting a lot some-more exaggeration and vignetting, yet a picture automatically corrected itself and flattened out when alien into Lightroom. The latest deployment of Creative Cloud has a Hasselblad (camera and lens) form integrated into Lightroom, so there’s no need for downloading and importing profiles. 

Oily NYC genuine estate brokers should unequivocally cruise regulating this lens to fire their dinky 250 sq. ft. studio apartments to feel grand yet looking comically fish-eyed.

XCD 3,2/90mm lens

The gallery next was shot regulating usually a mirror’s self-centredness lights as practicals. It was also shot underexposed to see how most fact we could lift in post. Here are a downsized, unedited versions, so we don’t have to wait for any 110mb record to load.

I’d like to consider that if we had time and was feeling philanthropic, we could repair a lot of adore lives on Tinder with this lens.

Where it shines

Normally, images posted in reviews are unedited, yet we trust a loyal exam of tender images lies in post-production. This is where a X1D’s delayed estimate time and discerning battery drainage pays off. With a camera’s hulk 50 MP 44 x 33mm CMOS sensor, any tender record was approximately 110mb (compared to my Mark IV’s 20-30mb) — that’s a estimable volume of information packaged into 8272 x 6200 pixels.

Resized to 2000 x 1500 pixels and cropped to 2000 x 1500 pixels

While other camera manufacturers tend to preference certain colors and skin tones, Dan Wang, a Hasselblad rep, told me, “We trust in saying a really healthy or even palette with really small influence. We’re not here to gatekeep what tone should be. We’re here to give we as most information as possible, providing as most tender detail, tender tone information that allows we to appreciate it to your extent.”

As someone who enjoys large hours tweaking colors, changeable pixels and creation things pretty, I’m elegant of this. It allows for reduction fixing, some-more artistic freedom.

Who is this camera for?

My crony Peter, a conform photographer (he’s finished editorial facilities for Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and a likes), is a usually chairman we know who shoots on Hasselblad, so it felt suitable to ask his opinion. “It’s for pretended abounding assholes with income to burn,” he snarked. we disagree. The X1D is a plain step for Hasselblad to get off heavy-duty tripods and out of a studio.

At this cost indicate though, one competence design a camera to do everything, yet it’s directed during a slight demographic: a photographer who is peaceful to disremember speediness for peculiarity and compactibility.

With smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung stepping adult their camera diversion over a past few years, a photography universe feels flooded with inconsequential, throw-away images (self-indulgent selfies, “look what we had for lunch,” OOTD…).

My dual weeks with a Hasselblad was a kind sign of photography as a process art form, rather than a mist and urge hobby.

Reviewed kit runs $15,940, pre-taxed:

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