IBC Integrates with Amazon and PayPal and is Chosen as the Technology Powering MasterKey Alliance

IBC, an OBASA Hospitality company, is one of the largest lodging B2B and B2C hospitality software and services providers globally. Its technology platform includes central-reservations system, booking engine, online revenue generation, patent-pending guest loyalty program, marketing services, a preferred partner network, and more.

    “2018 will be a monumental year for IBC Hospitality Technologies,” said Pamela Barnhill, IBC founder and COO. “Having our technologies powering the MasterKey Alliance speaks volumes to the robustness and flexibility of our solutions designed specifically for independently-owned and operated lodging accommodations around the world. We couldn’t be happier to announce this technology partnership.

    “We are equally thrilled to announce new opportunities for our member hotels,” Barnhill said. “Recent integration to Amazon Pay and PayPal is giving travelers more choices in mobile payment methods. Through these programs and many more, IBC is continuing to drive value to its members.”

    For more information on, visit www.ibchospitality.com. For media inquiries, please contact Barb Worcester at barbw@prproconsulting.com.

    About IBC

    IBC is a leading provider of hospitality technologies. IBC allows hoteliers, management companies, ownership groups villas, and BB’s to manage all their assets within one easy-to-use integrated platform; including managed distribution, advanced CRS, and soft brand benefits. This proprietary platform provides full customer data and an entire suite of software solutions and digital marketing services that help hoteliers drive direct bookings. Direct bookings make the difference in ultimately creating repeat business and greater profitability. With IBC owners and operators can reclaim their revenue and guest data from the OTAs and Brands while maintaining their independence. Learn how at www.ibchospitality.com.

    About MasterKey Alliance (MKA)

    Founded in 2014, MKA collaborates with its members to maximize member financial returns by economically adapting, competing and evolving in today’s rapidly changing hospitality marketplace. MasterKey Alliance provides industry-leading technologies, a B2B online marketplace, education tools, partner software and services discounts, full data transparency and custom-tailored content to owners and operators of alternative accommodations, vacation rentals, corporate housing, serviced apartments and independently-owned hotels.

    Additional benefits include $499/year for unlimited bookings. The ability to drive direct bookings and save on commissions can be seen in the ROI calculator at https://masterkeyalliance.com/roi_calculator. The savings go even higher when coupled with its technology provider’s strong software and services offering 9-15:1 ROI.

    MKA is The All-Accommodations Association and Marketplace for Alternative Accommodation, Vacation Rental, Corporate Housing and Independent Hotel Owners and Operators. Learn more at www.masterkeyalliance.com

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