Grand Opening of the Bergvillen

Grand Opening of the Bergvillen – A new luxury mountain villa project overlooking the South Tyrolean Alps

Now open – 4 Rooms

With the opening of the Bergvillen (German for “mountain villas”) this fall, the South Tyrolean hotelier couple Christine and Michael Reiterer are fulfilling their lifetime dream of creating the most luxurious hide away for guests, who are longing for new and unforgettable memories with their families, partners or friends. Four light-flooded, ultra modern villas are nestled on the lush slopes of the small Italian village of Avelengo (in German Hafling and name patron of the famous gentle horse breed Haflinger), overlooking the majestic Alps of Northern Italy and the beautiful spa town Meran, which was once the beloved retreat of the Austrian Empress Sissi and has now became a haven for culture savvy wellness aficionados.

Three of the villas (ranging from 200 to 230 m2) can house up to 8 guests and have two elegant master bedrooms and one cosy children room with tailor-made wooden alcoves and bunk beds, which are a sweet reminiscence of traditional alpine huts.

The icing on the cake though is the Forest Villa, which is located next to a wonderful old forest. It has its own little pathway into the woods and to a hidden tree house, which can be used by the guests upon request. For all romance lovers and wellness enthusiasts, who know everything about the trending relaxation techniques: In this villa you can go for the ultimate experience as the bed of the master suite can be moved outside to the private terrace so that they can “forest bath” in their dreams, the Milky Way above them.

The Forest Villa expands over 300 m2 and two floors and houses up to twelve people. It has a fitness room where you can do yoga as well and a master bedroom with a fireplace next to the bed, a cosy lounge and an infrared cabin, where you can relax after a hike or a day on the slopes.

Each of the four luxury villas has a sauna and a private 9 x 4 metre pool where guests can swim in complete privacy while adoring the picturesque sunrises or sunsets – a feast for the eyes for everybody, who’s visiting this place. The views play a vital role in the concept of the Bergvillen. All villas have large glass facades, which perfectly frame the stunning alpine setting and the game of the sun and the clouds at different times of the day and the year.

Fireplaces in the living rooms, spacious lounge areas with sofas by Italian furniture brand Minotti, generous open kitchens with large dining tables to enjoy the culinary delights and light installations by Tom Dixon and Flos create an elegant atmosphere throughout the villas. And wherever you look or whatever you touch: emotional treats such as beautiful velvet blankets, soft leather furniture, silky cushions and Italian linen – all in subtle hues of sunflowers, water blue and different greens and greys – can be found everywhere in the Bergvillen.

All four outdoor areas – the private gardens and terraces with their lounge and dining areas – feature
ultra modern barbeque stations. “My heart beats for Winter Barbecue. I pictured this in my
dreams and that’s how I built it: the kids are swimming in the steaming warm water, the snowy mountains are glittering in the sunlight, my family and our friends are laughing and having fun at the fireplace, while I am grilling the most delicious specialities” Michael Reiterer smiles and his wife Christine adds “We built our villas to celebrate togetherness and the significance of close human bonds. Talking to each other, having fun, playing games, reading books at the fireplace to the kids, drinking a glass of wine while sitting on the terrace and watching how the sun goes down. That’s how you create new and unforgettable memories.”

Culinary delights play a vital role in the concept of the Bergvillen. The breakfast can be pre booked at the neighbouring 5-star hotel Chalet Mirabell (which also belongs to the Reiterers) and will be served in the villas whenever the guests prefer. A barbecue deluxe order can be placed as well and guests will be indulged with a selection of organic RibEye or T-Bone steaks from local farmers and a lot of other South Tyrolean specialities. All Bergvillen guests can also always enjoy lunch or dinner at the hotel nearby, if they don’t want to leave their villas to experience the wonderful restaurants in the area. Even a private chef can be organized, who will prepare whatever guests are longing for. The wine cabinet in each villa is filled with a selection of champagnes and exquisite wines such as the “Lagrain Porphyr 2015” from Terlan winery, a full-bodied red wine from a highly rewarded South Tyrolean grape.

Bergvillen guests can also use all extensive spa facilities at the hotel without an extra charge. They can also book treatments for the villas as well. No matter if they are in the need for a physiotherapist, or if they want a massage or private yoga lessons, it will be organized.

“Serenity on the rocks” that’s how Christine and Michael Reiterer describe their concept of their new luxurious Bergvillen. A sip of precious and enrichening social encounters with the coolness of a modern and timeless alpine architecture and an elegant interior design.

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