Ex-Google scientist raises Project Dragonfly concerns in Senate letter

In a letter to a Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, former Google investigate scientist Jack Poulson sum because he stepped down from a association in late-August. The note, sent progressing this week, sum flourishing regard over Project Dragonfly, a hunt giant’s try to enter a Chinese marketplace in a suggestive way.

The minute arrived as a Senate prepared to doubt Google’s new Chief Privacy Officer, Keith Enright, about information concerns. It seems expected that a theme of Dragonfly will be on a scheduled for cabinet members. Nearly 1,400 employees signed a letter final month, saying that a project, “raise[s] obligatory dignified and reliable issues.” 

“It is important that Project Dragonfly was good underway during a time a association expelled a AI Principles,” Poulson writes in his possess letter. “As has been widely understood, by tellurian rights organizations, inquisitive reporters, Google employees, and a public, Project Dragonfly directly contradicts a AI Principles’ joining to not ‘design or deploy’ any record whose purpose ‘contravenes widely supposed beliefs of […] tellurian rights.’ ”

Poulson highlights 4 specific issues, that have caused regard internally during a company. The list includes restraining hunt queries to phone numbers and a blacklist of hunt terms including “human rights,” “student protest” and “Nobel Prize,” grown in and with a Chinese government. The former worker also highlights supervision control over atmosphere peculiarity information and a “catastrophic disaster of a inner remoteness examination process.”

Yesterday, reports surfaced that CEO Sundar Pichai will accommodate with Republican lawmakers to plead Google’s China skeleton and GOP concerns over hunt bias.

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