Deep trouble

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Grace faces a crocodile

Imagine this. You’re stuck in a 6-metre-deep swimming pool. All the water has drained away. You have no way to contact anybody. You have no food or water. Then, out of nowhere, a crocodile crawls into the pool. What would you do?

This series of events makes up the story of the new thriller The Pool: Narok Hok Met (The Pool: Hell at 6 Metres). Day (Ken Theeradej) falls asleep while relaxing in a pool after work. He wakes up to find that the water is draining away. His wife Koi, played by Ratnamon Ratchiratham (Grace), comes to visit him. But she slips and falls into the pool. Unable to get out, Ken and Koi think that things can’t get any worse. Then along comes a crocodile.

Ahead of The Pool’s release on September 27, S Weekly chatted with 25-year-old actress Grace about the film, her co-star and working with a crocodile.

You were a singer. Why did you decide to move into acting?

Grace: I did acting lessons with the director ML Pundhevanop. He made me understand that it’s an important and interesting job. I realised that I should take it seriously.

What was the best advice he gave you?

Grace: He said that acting isn’t performing – acting is doing. I remember that well. He taught me how to react to people and situations so it would be natural.

How did you prepare to play Koi?

Grace: I was lucky to work with director Ping Lumpraploeng and actor Ken Theeradej. They helped me become Koi. Ping came up with the character and was able to describe her to me in detail. And Ken’s performance as my husband was so convincing that it was easier for me to play the part.

Were you a fan of Ken’s before working with him?

Grace: Yes. I’ve been a fan since 2008 when I saw him in the TV drama Paradise Diversion. He’s so handsome! In person, he’s very nice and has so much energy.

Did you have to perform with a real crocodile?

Grace: Yes. It was scary. They chose a fierce crocodile because they wanted it to be convincing. When it snapped at us or moved its tail, it made a really loud sound. When we filmed with it, we were at the opposite corner of the pool. But I was terrified because it could move very fast.

Some scenes use CGI. Was it difficult to act when there was nothing there?

Grace: Seeing the real crocodile helped me to visualise it when it wasn’t there.

Which was your most difficult scene?

Grace: The Pool is my first movie. For my very first scene, I was so nervous that I didn’t know what to do. Ping had to tell me to relax.

Do you prefer movies or TV dramas?

Grace: They’re both fun, but I really enjoyed doing the movie. It allowed me to be natural and act the way I felt.

If you were in the same situation as in the film, would you survive?

Grace: I don’t think so. I’d probably die straight away. I might survive if I had somebody like Day with me.

What can viewers expect from The Pool?

Grace: It’s more than just a thriller. It’s also a romance and a survival movie. The special effects are very sophisticated – as good as in some Hollywood films. It was made by a very talented and passionate team of filmmakers. Audiences will definitely be impressed.

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