A Lime scooter supplement died this morning in Washington, D.C., imprinting a second deadliness this month

Lime, a 18-month-old, San Francisco-based association whose splendid immature bicycles and scooters now dot cities via a U.S., launched a commander module in Tacoma, Washington, today, yet that little feat competence have felt short-lived. The reason: on a conflicting side of a country, a Lime supplement was killed today by an SUV while production around Washington D.C.’s DuPont neighborhood. The internal glow dialect common video of a rescue, that shows that a victim, an adult male, had to be pulled from a undercarriage of a vehicle.

It’s a second famous deadliness for a association following a genocide earlier this month in Dallas, when a 24-year-old Texas male fell off a scooter he was roving and died from blunt force injuries to his head.

On a one hand, a developments, while unfortunate, can frequency come as a warn to anyone given how exposed riders or e-scooters are. E-scooter use is on a rise, with both Lime and a L.A.-based opposition Bird, announcing this week that their business have now taken north of 10 million rides. At a same time, city after city has deemed their use on sidewalks bootleg out of fear that fast-moving riders will hit with and harm pedestrians. That leaves riders pity city streets with a same forms of giant, exhaust-spewing machines that they wish to increasingly displace. In fact, sales of normal SUVs has continued to surge, interjection in partial to low unemployment, high consumer confidence, and Americans’ fast adore with enormous vehicles.

One resolution to a issue, and one for that a e-scooter companies and their investors have been advocating, are stable lanes that would concede e-scooters to be operated some-more safely. Bird has even publicly offering to help fund new infrastructure that keeps cyclists and scooter riders safer.

Another probable answer would seem to be mandating a use of helmets with e-scooters, yet California evidently disagrees. On Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown sealed a bill into a law that states Californians roving electric scooters will no longer be compulsory to wear helmets as of Jan 1.

The check was reportedly sponsored by Bird.

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