Peugeot brings back 504 nostalgia

The e-Legend concept features all-electric drivetrain, autonomous driving tech and retro-looks to whip up its presence on stage.

Is there a new trend forming?

Welcome to the e-Legend concept car which will be the highlight on Peugeot’s booth at the Paris motor show early next month.

With design harking back to the 504 Coupe of the 1960s, Peugeot hopes to make its latest show car exciting to look at rather than donning one with the sleek and minimalist profile usually seen in most other concepts.

Note all the retro touches like the head and tail lights, plus the pronounced upright profile.

This isn’t actually a new exercise by car manufacturers (Ferrari has just unveiled a modern-day Monza this week). Several years back, Audi and Nissan, as some examples on the mainstream front, showed modern-day interpretations of the Sport Quattro and IDX-aping Datsun 150. However, both were mostly about design in concept forms.

So it’s the stuff under the skin that matters in this Pugg?

Probably, because it’s relevant for the coming years. The first thing is the all-electric drivetrain driving all four wheels and producing 460hp and 800Nm.

Peugeot says the e-Legend can cover the 0-100kph sprint in less than 4sec before topping out at 220kph (real-world acceleration mattering more than top speed). And armed with a 100kWh battery pack, the driving range is claimed at 600km.

Another technology previewed is the so-called Level 4 autonomous driving which allows hands-off driving in the right conditions.

That’s why the e-Legend’s interior, centered around the brand’s i-Cockpit theme, has a steering wheel that can retract away when the driver chooses to let the car do the driving.

Apparently, the e-Legend’s big comfy seats recall those of the 504 and help the driver sit back and enjoy a built-in video game or do whatever has to be done in this digital era. 

Is there any hope of seeing this shape return?

Sure, Peugeot has a history making coupes with the last notable one being the RCZ. But producing the e-Legend as it is may be tough due to all the bespoke body parts that can hardly be shared with other current Peugeots on sale.

In fact, the aforementioned show cars of Audi and Nissan have never seen the light of the day, which would probably the same case for this Peugeot.

On the other hand, the technologies showcased in the e-Legend should do so and, as said earlier, should draw the attention of show-goers at the French car show with the help of those retro looks.

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