What creates Apple’s pattern enlightenment so special

A few days ago, we interviewed Ken Kocienda during TechCrunch Disrupt SF — he only expelled a book called Creative Selection. After operative during Apple during some of a company’s best years, Kocienda looks behind during what creates Apple such a special place.

The book in sold starts with a demo. Kocienda is invited to demo to Steve Jobs his antecedent of what is about to turn a iPad program keyboard.

And it’s a initial of a prolonged fibre of demos punctuating a book. As a reader, we follow along all a ups and downs of this pattern drum coaster. Sometimes, a demo clearly shows a approach forward. Sometimes, it’s a homogeneous of attack a wall of bricks over and over again.

Kocienda’s career highlights embody operative on WebKit and Safari for a Mac right after he assimilated a association as good as operative on iOS before a recover of a initial iPhone. He’s a one obliged of autocorrect and a iPhone keyboard in general.

If we caring about user interfaces and pattern processes, it’s a good read. And it feels lovely to review a book with HTML code, keyboard drawings and other nerdy things. It’s most improved than a normal business book.

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