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Whenever you think of beach getaways, you probably think of places like Bali, Hawaii or if you’ve got the dough, the Caribbean or Maldives. Basically, anywhere but somewhere local. But why does going somewhere local have to be a bad thing? Is it because there’s this mindset that just going local is not glamorous enough? Don’t get me wrong, there’s no problem with a beach getaway abroad, but it’s only glam if you’ve got the bucks for it. I humbly suggest an alternative: why not just spend the same amount of money you would on an OK beach vacay in another country on a luxurious beach getaway in Phuket?


While you might skimp on where you’re staying when you’re abroad because you’ve already spent too much on the flight, that’s not an issue when you’re heading down South. That said, your place of refuge for your glamorous beach stay could be Twinpalms Phuket. Right beside Surin Beach, this contemporary resort gives guests that tranquil quiet they’ve been seeking away from the city, but at the same time not far from civilisation so to speak (there’s a 7-Eleven and Family Mart nearby to prove it). With 97 residences to choose from, you can opt for their swanky Rooms and Suites (starting at B4,450 and B8,850, respectively), some of which give you lagoon pool access. When you walk out to your patio you’re greeted by pristine blue water.

However, if you’ve got cash to blow and you really want your room to be top-notch, book the Penthouse and Duplex (starting at B14,950 and B12,000, respectively). There are single and double bedrooms for both and on top of that you get your own private pool. If you opt for the Duplex, you can either have your pool on the ground floor or the roof so it depends on whether you want to get high or not, wink wink. Aside from the spacious living and dining area, what makes you feel like a true VIP is the butler. Yes, you read that right. They’re not going to be with you in the room 24/7 but they will be pretty much at your beck and call. It doesn’t get more hi-so than this.


At the hotel itself, you’ll find yourself feasting on local and Western dishes at Oriental Spoon. But your dining options aren’t limited to just the on-site resto. Craving a beachside breakfast, with the cool ocean breeze blowing over your face and a spectacular view of the sun rising on the ocean? HQ Beach Lounge is where it’s at! Want to feast on a vast array of seafood goodness fresh from the… well, sea? Head over to Palm Seaside for an ocean view dinner while underneath the starry sky. If you want your dining and your partying to go hand-in-hand, look no further than Catch Beach Club, a go-to destination, which has gained fame among the locals for dancing the night away. All these options are great, but if you’re worried about transportation, don’t fret: Twinpalms Phuket has vans running to and fro between all locations. Hop, skip and jump.


Nearby Twinpalms is the famed cultural show Phuket Fantasea, which is good for a bit of culture and fun in one night. If you want to go full throttle, perhaps Simon Cabaret might fulfill your desires. If kids are in the mix, then head on to Splash Jungle, Phuket’s acclaimed waterpark, to get a little wet ‘n’ wild with the whole fam. Of course, we can’t forget about Phuket Old Town, where historic, beautiful and — dare I say it — Instagram-worthy buildings are lined up on the streets along with shops and cafes for you to browse and chill in.

There is, however, an alternative to all of this if you really want to go full luxury, not that these things aren’t great. If you’ve got the dough to spend then sign up for Andaman Cruises. To put things into perspective, Andaman Cruises have served customers like Leonardo DiCaprio, Usain Bolt and Chris Bosh. So no, this doesn’t come cheap but it’s one of hi-so-est experiences you’ll ever have. They’ve got a pretty good fleet you can choose from, starting with the four-person 7.2m MY Catch One (starting at B25,000) all the way up to the huge 41m MY Ocean Emerald, which has a jacuzzi on deck and can accommodate 50 guests (starting at B750,000). Whatever you choose, Andaman Cruises will ensure a relaxing time cruising the Phuket archipelago, seeing the beautiful islands up close, water sports galore and being waited on with fruits, drinks and food onboard.

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