You can now use Alexa and Cortana to control your Xbox

You can now control a Xbox from Alexa and Cortana. Microsoft announced his morning it’s introducing a new approach to correlate with Xbox One regulating voice commands, by approach of an Xbox Skill that works with both Alexa and Cortana, opposite platforms. The ability will concede users to launch games, adjust a volume, start and stop their broadcasts to Mixer, constraint screenshots and more.

For example, players will be means to contend to their Echo speaker, “Alexa, start Rocket League,” and a console would energy on, pointer them in, and launch a game.

To use a new underline with Alexa, players will initial have to pointer in with their Amazon comment then couple their Microsoft comment to a skill. With Cortana, users will instead have to initial pointer into a Xbox they wish to control, afterwards sign in with their Microsoft account to couple a ability on their Windows 10 PC.

They could afterwards contend something like “Hey Cortana, tell Xbox to open Netflix.”


Microsoft says a ability will work opposite a operation of voice-powered devices, including Windows 10 PC, Amazon Echo devices, Harman Kardon Invoke, Sonos One, or a Cortana and Alexa apps for iOS and Android.

A full list of a commands will be posted to a Xbox Insiders Reddit. 

The Xbox Skill, during launch, will be rolling out gradually to U.S. Xbox Insider rings (Alpha Skip Ahead, Alpha, Beta) as a association takes in feedback from a early adopters. To see if we have a choice available, you’ll need to demeanour in Settings – Devices on your console to see if a “Digital Assistant” environment is visible.

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