Skype rolls behind the redesign by ditching stories, squiggles and over-the-top color

Just over a year after Skype introduced a colorful, Snapchat-inspired makeover that enclosed a possess chronicle of “stories,” a association says it’s now going to refocus on morality – and it’s ditching stories along a way. The redesign had been met with a lot of backlash. Skype had clearly wanted to interest to a some-more childish demographic with a update, though in doing so, it cluttered a user knowledge with facilities no one had asked for or needed.

One of these was “Highlights,” a underline that was really most Skype’s possess take on Snapchat’s or Instagram’s Stories. With Highlights, Skype users were means to appropriate adult to lift adult their smartphone’s camera, afterwards snap a print or record a video that could be flashy with typed or handwritten text, as good as with Skype’s possess set of stickers. This could afterwards be common with particular Skype users, groups, or posted to a Highlights territory of a app.

Above: Skype on mobile

The association had argued during a time that a arise of stories opposite amicable media meant it was something that all amicable apps would adopt. And since it was a approach people were used to interacting now, Skype indispensable to embody a underline in a possess app, too.

But stories, as it turns out, might not be as entire or as in-demand as a “news feed” interface – there are places it creates sense, and those where it does not. Skype is a latter.

In a announcement, Microsoft certified that a changes it had introduced weren’t working.

“Calling became harder to govern and Highlights didn’t ring with a infancy of users,” wrote Peter Skillman, Director of Design for Skype and Outlook.

Instead, a app is introducing a easier navigation indication where there are now only 3 buttons during a bottom of a mobile app – Chats, Calls, and Contacts. Highlights and Capture are both gone. (If we indeed used Highlights, we have until Sep 30 to download them to save them before a underline is removed).

There were already some hints Microsoft was formulation to dial behind a pattern changes. It recently announced it was gripping Skype Classic (Skype 7) around for an extended duration of time, after a skeleton to shut a app down was met with strenuous user outcry. It pronounced afterwards that it would accumulate some-more feedback to find out what it is that people wanted before forcing a ascent to Skype 8.0.

With a new desktop chronicle of Skype, a association now says it’s relocating a Chats, Calls, Contacts, and Notifications to a tip left of a window to make it easier for long-time Skype users to understand.

Skype also toned down a over-the-top use of tone in a app and introduced a Skype “Classic” blue thesis practiced for contrariety and readability. It yanked out some of a goofier musical elements, as well, like a notifications with a squiggle figure cut out, that it admits “weren’t core to removing things done.” (Ya think?)

Below: Squiggles 

While it’s good that Skype is now listening to users – it says it’s contrast new prototypes opposite tellurian markets and it launched a UserVoice site – it’s concerning that it had not finished adequate listening beforehand. If it had, it wouldn’t have expelled a chronicle of a app that bombed.

Skype should welcome a “classic” status, and not feel a need to play catch-up with teen discuss apps like Snapchat, or amicable media trends like stories. People use Skype to get things finished – job lost friends, fixation work calls, and even recording podcasts. Being a elementary and fast voice and video job app is one that can keep constant users over time, and attract those who need to promulgate opposite platforms but all a flint found elsewhere.

The latest pattern is accessible in Skype chronicle (8.29) for Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, and Windows 7, 8 8.1 handling systems.

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