Travel and Hospitality Advertising: 5 Digital Spend Trends to Watch

To find out, the team at MDG Advertising went through a recent in-depth research report, which was based on interviews with major industry advertisers and an analysis of 160 metrics from 16 third-party sources.

    What did we learn? Are travel and hospitality advertisers increasing their digital advertising budgets? Which channels and formats are receiving the biggest share of spend? What are the key industry evolutions impacting the ad market?

    MDG’s latest blog post, Travel and Hospitality Advertising: 5 Digital Spend Trends to Watch, shares the highlights from the research. We cover projected budget growth, spend trends by format, what impact video is having on the market, the effects of programmatic buying, and how mobile has changed the industry.

    Read the full post to find out the key digital advertising trends every travel and hospitality marketer should be watching.

    Read the full article at MDG Advertising

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