Softscribe Inc. Identifies Top 12 Quotes from Industry Leaders at Hotel Data Conference 2018

Softscribe Inc. CEO, Julie Keyser Squires, attended on behalf of the company’s PR clients.

Top Quotes from Hotel Industry Leaders

A series of panels, breakout tracks and plenary sessions featured leaders from the global hotel industry. Speakers shared insights about trends, market changes, and actionable scenarios. Here are Softscribe Inc.’s top quotes from conference leaders.

    1.  “We’re in the best demand environment we’ve ever seen in the industry. It’s not been this strong since 1994, when the industry was 40% smaller than today. Occupancy remains at record highs. It could go for another two years.” – Isaac Collazo, Intercontinental Hotels Resorts (IHG)

    2.  “What could end the current cycle?
    a. The economy.
    b. Over building.
    c. Unpredictable demand.
    d. Oil/energy price increase.
    e. Asset price bubble.”
    – Mark Woodworth, CBRE Hotels’ Americas Research

    3.  “It takes the industry 1 ½ to 2 ½ years to recover from Black Swan events.”
    (Editor’s note: Like Superstorm Sandy) – Robin Rossman, STR

    4.  “Growth rates on labor expenses are higher than revenue and profits.” – Amanda Hite, President CEO, STR

    5.  “In non-union hotels, 32% goes to labor costs. In union hotels, 40% goes to labor.” – Jan Freitag, SVP Lodging Insights, STR

    6.  Alternative Accommodations: Are They Really Alternative?
    “It is a growing, morphing space. There will be fallouts, consolidations and consistencies. Look for a partner.” – Jon Wohlfert, Co-CEO and Founding Partner, RESIDE Worldwide

    “Embrace it.” – Andrew Kitchell, CEO, Lyric

    “The customers have spoken. Figure out how to make it fit your business.” – Steve Caron, VP, Head of Vacation Rentals, Choice Hotels International

    7.  “Customer experience is integral. Use your data better. We created a program two years ago that lets guests choose a third party perk: Starbucks, Uber, Avis, etc.” – Jamie Russo, VP Loyalty Programs Customer Engagement, Choice Hotels Int’l

    8.  “Your highest loyal guest still delivers your highest, most profitable revenue stream. We have to evolve those experiences.” -Sloan Dean, COO, Remington Hotels

    9.  “84% of U.S. travelers took part in an in-destination activity during their last leisure trip.” – Lorraine Sileo, SVP Research and Business Operations, Phocuswright, Inc.

    10.  “Guest satisfaction. We are focused on experiences. Engage the customer. Show them the value of creating memories that will last a lifetime.” – Nicole Lundin, Head of Loyalty Social Engagement. Viceroy Hotel Group

    11. Beers with the Bosses Panel.
    “Be aggressive. Continue to move forward. We’ve never had this demand from all directions.” – Jim Chu, Global Head of Development Owner Relations, Hyatt Hotels Corp.

    “We should not refer to each other as competitors. Help each other. Take care of each other.” – Rob Palleschi, CEO, G6 Hospitality

    “This is a sustainable industry, a growing industry. More and more people are traveling.” – Mitch Patel, President CEO, Founder of Vision Hospitality Group, Inc.

    “The conference is terrific this year. My single biggest concern – and I’m surprised what it is – is the possibility of tariffs. A trade war could be a problem for our industry.” – Randy Smith, Chairman and Co-Founder, Smith Travel Research

    12.  “Room demand is coming mainly from upper and upper midscale in urban areas.” – Jan Freitag, SVP Lodging Insights, STR

    The 2019 Hotel Data Conference will be held August 14 to 16, 2019, at the new JW Marriott Nashville. Watch for details at

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