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What was I to do to make this work?

Well, this is what happened. I had a good friend who was the executive chef in the same hotel. He was English and he had a wicked sense of humor. We would often meet at the end of the work day in his office for a cold beer. That’s right he had a fridge in his office and enough suppliers dropping by a gift now and then so he always had beer. On that day when I learned my boss was leaving on his big trip and leaving me all the work including the budget, I told my friend over a beer that I was pretty sure I was being dumped on and taken advantage of.

    He laughed and said, “I guess you’re really screwed now!” We laughed.

    He then said something I will never forget, “Michael and Ian are not stupid. They would not leave this with you if you were not ready.” I thought about what he said and it occurred to me that this was a BIG opportunity.

    Learning how to pull all the information together for the budget and presenting and editing every piece with our General Manager was an amazing experience. I learned so much. The way he thought about each area and how far he could stretch that manager’s numbers. How he put all the pieces together, with my help to create a story that made so much sense, chapter by chapter.

    If I was not left with the mess, I never would have learned what he taught me. Well, the month went by and when my boss returned the budget was done. Now it was time to present it to the corporate folks. I assumed that meant he would be on a plane in a couple of weeks to present the budget himself. Well, to my complete surprise, about a week after his return he came to me with an amazing offer.

    He asked, “How would you like to go to Vancouver and present the budget?” WOW, that was not even on my radar. So, off we went—the General Manager and me—to present the budget to the corporate team, including the president of the company and several other very senior executives.

    What an opportunity for me to shine. I bought a new suit and, boy, I was excited. The people I met in that board room on that day opened many doors for me and my career all because my boss delegated and believed in me.

    Who are you believing in and who are you helping? Delegation for your nation. It’s the answer.

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