Facebook’s New Recommendations Feature: What Local Businesses Need to Know

The social network just unveiled a host of changes intended to make it easier for its users to connect with local businesses. Included in the release is a redesigned look for mobile Pages, additional Events functionality, an expanded job application tool for firms, and a stand-alone Local experience.

    The most impactful element on local businesses may be the new Recommendations feature, which is a combination of existing and new functionality.

    What exactly is Recommendations? How does it work and what effect will it have on local/multi-location businesses?

    Here’s what marketers need to know:

    1. What Is Recommendations?
    Essentially, Recommendations is replacing the existing ways that Facebook users leave feedback about local firms.

    Whereas in the past people would engage via ratings and reviews on a business’s Page, now they’ll have a unified experience: Recommendations.

    The changes are not superficial — everything from the underlying way the feature works to the user experience has been completely redesigned.

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