Ioana Stanley has been appointed Finance Director at Four Seasons Hotel Prague, Czech Republic

Appointed Finance Director
At Four Seasons Hotel Prague, Czech Republic

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 Ioana Stanley

Although originally from Romania, Ioana has been living in Prague for 12 years while working in the position of director of finance at the Prague Marriott Hotel. 

Ioana has come through the ranks of Marriott International, working in a variety of capacities at Marriott-branded hotels in Romania, Armenia, France, Hungary and the Czech Republic. She brings to Four Seasons Hotel Prague a wealth of experience in hospitality finance, ranging from opening to closing, renovations and back office clustering. Ioana draws satisfaction from developing talent and driving efficiencies.

Ioana graduated from the Bucharest University of Economics with a degree in Finance and Banking, and she is fluent in English besides her native Romanian. She is always eager to improve her Czech language skills while residing in the beautiful city of Prague with her husband and son. In her spare time, travelling, sports and indulging in delicious food are on the top of the list for the Stanley family.

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