Only 24 hours left to request for Startup Battlefield MENA 2018

Time is using out for a best entrepreneurial tech minds and makers opposite a Middle East and North Africa to contest in TechCrunch Startup Battlefield MENA 2018, that takes place in Beirut, Lebanon on Oct 3 during a Beirut Digital District. Applications to a premier startup-pitch foe tighten in usually 24 hours. We’ve been roving around a Middle East and North Africa assembly implausible entrepreneurs in a informal ecosystem and are vehement to gleam a light on a shining creation function there.

If we consider your pre-Series A startup has what it takes to be named “the Middle East and North Africa’s Most Promising Startup,” don’t rubbish another minute. Apply right here, right now before a 24-hour time runs out.

Why should we apply? Well, for starters, a winning group receives US$25,000 in no-equity money and a outing for dual to contest in a Startup Battlefield during TechCrunch Disrupt in 2019 (assuming a association still qualifies to contest during a time).

Then there’s a precious bearing that comes from fixation your startup pound dab in front of successful technologists, VCs and media. The life-changing intensity is really real.

Plus, all participating founders — not usually a ultimate winners — turn partial of a Startup Battlefield alumni network. This village consists of roughly 750 companies that have collectively lifted some-more than $8 billion in appropriation and constructed some-more than 100 exits. Names like Mint, Dropbox, Yammer, TripIt, Getaround and Cloudflare. That’s some primary networking territory.

Here’s how a foe works. Our TechCrunch editors — who have a knack for identifying high-potential startups — will examination all authorised applications, afterwards name 15 pre-Series A startups to contest (more on eligibility in a minute). The founders of any Battlefield group accept free, consultant representation coaching from TechCrunch editors, so they’ll be prepared to step onstage and face a row of 4 judges — consisting of tip entrepreneurs, technologists and investors with relevant experience in any tech category.

Startup Battlefield MENA 2018 starts with 3 rough rounds — 5 startups per turn will any have 6 mins to representation and benefaction their live demo. The judges have 6 mins following any representation to ask severe questions. Thanks to all that giveaway representation coaching, you’ll be prepared to answer them.

The judges select 5 startups to go to a semi-finals for a second turn of pitching to a opposite set of judges. The judges will consult and select one leader to be a initial Startup Battlefield MENA champion. Let a jubilee begin!

Let’s speak eligibility. Here are a simple mandate that founders contingency meet:

  • Have an early-stage association in “launch” stage
  • Be headquartered in one of these authorised countries: Algeria, Armenia, Bahrain, Egypt, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Yemen
  • Have a entirely operative product/beta pretty tighten to, or in, production
  • Have perceived singular press or broadside to date
  • Have no famous egghead skill conflicts
  • Apply by Aug 6, 2018, during 9 p.m. PST

If you’re detail-oriented, read a Startup Battlefield MENA FAQ.

TechCrunch Startup Battlefield MENA 2018 takes place in Beirut, Lebanon on Oct 3. You have zero to remove and so most to gain. But we have usually 24 hours left to apply. Time runs out on August 6 during 9 p.m. PSTApply here today.

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