Sculpting bliss

 Lee Bul – South Korea’s contemporary sculpture and installation artist who appeared on the art scene in the late 1980s – is giving “BAB Talk #13” at Open House, on the sixth floor of Central Embassy, tomorrow (August 1) from 2-4pm.

Lee Bul is one of two Korean artists who will be participating in the first Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, which will be held from October 19 to February 3. She is among the complete list of 75 artists from 33 countries who will showcase in this year’s inaugural edition and will explore the theme, “Beyond Bliss”.

Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 will mark Bangkok as one of the world’s cities of art and culture, enhancing the experience of cultural tourism in Thailand for the world to witness. BAB 2018 represents an aspiration for Bangkok to be a major venue in the world of international contemporary art. The international contemporary art exhibition will take place across various well-known sites in the city. 

Lee Bul’s multifaceted artistic practice spans more than 20 years, encompassing drawing, performance, sculpture, installation and video. She is recognised for her technically precise, futuristic sculptures and architecturally influenced, large-scale, immersive installations. Her works deal with visionary narratives, and themes such as the legacy of modernism, the potential of technology, gender and sexuality, the limits of the human body and its interface with the mechanistic, the role of popular culture in the formation of identity, and humankind’s obsession with perfection.

In recent years, she has engaged more deeply with the exploration of social structures and ideas surrounding our pursuit of utopia through increasingly large-scale installations that incorporate significant structural elements, often referencing science fiction and the innovations of modernity.


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