New Survey Explores Link Between Travel and Curiosity

Although only 20 percent of people are said to have the “wanderlust gene” (DRD4-7R), according to a survey commissioned by Curio Collection, 91 percent of the population considers themselves to be curious. Seventy-three percent of people say that traveling is their go-to outlet to express their curiosity.

    “At Curio Collection by Hilton, we believe in the power of curiosity and its ability to transform the way we live, learn and travel,” said Mark Nogal, global head, Curio Collection by Hilton. “Whether it’s across state lines, across the ocean or even in the places they call home, we want people to experience something unexpected and customized to their specific travel preferences when staying at one of our more than 50 Curio Collection hotels and resorts around the globe.”

    Curiosity Findings

    The study also revealed that curiosity is a way of life and plays a key role in travelers’ vacation planning process. Respondents shared how curiosity motivates the way they explore a new destination:

    • There’s always room for growth: Sixty percent of people believe they are more curious than the average person, yet more than half (53 percent) want to be more open to new experiences.
    • Education motivation: More than 90 percent of people take trips to learn something new, and 79 percent consider learning something new while on vacation a priority.
    • No time for naps: Fifty-five percent of travelers say that vacations are primarily a way to explore, not to relax.
    • Unique exploration: Fifty-seven percent of travelers wish they could spend more time exploring the things they are most curious about, such as visiting ancient ruins, eating dinner at a well-regarded restaurant or experiencing a safari.
    • Perfect travel partner: Sixty-four percent describe the perfect travel companion as someone who is curious. 65 percent consider a spouse or significant other as the best travel partner for new experiences, while 25 percent would prefer to travel alone.

    To help consumers customize their trips, the brand worked with researchers to develop five curiosity types – Pathfinder, Epicurean, Culturalist, Spiritualist and Challenger – and recommend Curio Collection hotels and destinations for each traveler preference. In addition to being asked a series of questions about what it means to be curious when traveling, survey respondents were also asked questions about their curiosity type. A few of the key findings include:

    • Curious Culturalists are more likely to be millennial women: Millennial women are twice as likely as general travelers to be Culturalists – travelers who enjoy fine arts like guests would find at The Logan Philadelphia, Curio Collection by Hilton, which features more than 1,800 original art pieces, all created by artists with close ties to Philadelphia and the city’s history.
    • Curious Challengers prefer exploring exotic and unknown destinations:
      Their interests take them to both the highest rooftop bar and the mountaintop. Sixty-nine percent of Challengers prefer international to domestic travel because it exposes them to a different culture.

    Through August 8, U.S. travelers who take the ‘Are You Curious?’ social media quiz to find out their curiosity type have the chance to win a seven-night stay at any Curio Collection property that sparks their wanderlust. Fifteen additional winners will receive a
    two-night stay at any Curio Collection hotel worldwide.

    To help travelers delve into their curiosity, the brand is partnering with celebrated travel expert and journalist, Ashlan Cousteau, who has shared her love of exploration in programs on E!, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and more. Ashlan, a curious pathfinder, will be providing travel tips to ensure even the most curious of travelers are gratified. Ashlan will also provide the sweepstake winner recommendations based on their interests and selected destination.
    “My passion for discovery has led me to virtually every corner of the globe, with each trip allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of others, the world around me and most significantly, myself,” said Ashlan Cousteau. “I look forward to working with Curio Collection by Hilton to help enable fellow travelers to follow their curiosity – wherever that may lead them – and to create meaningful experiences in ways they may never expect.”

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