They’re model districts

The development of the districts in the southern border provinces takes on the model of the so-called “economic triangle”. These are Nong Chik district of Pattani, Betong district of Yala and Sungai Kolok district of Narathiwat. Nong Chik is positioned as an agro-industrial district, Betong as a tourist model district and Sungai Kolok as border trade district served by a transport network. The three districts form a development model under the concept highlighted by the proposed economic triangle which simulates private-sector investments that generate employment and income for not only the three districts but nearby areas as well.

The model provides an answer to security problems by increasing safety areas designated for the establishment of the special economic zones. Once the model is put into practice, the quality of life of the local residents will also improve.

Over the past decade, incidents chronicling the security flare-ups in the far South have been told and retold through the media, recounting the countless damage to personal property and psychological impact they have had on the people.

They have posed a grave concern for the locals who have had to change their ways of life. The economy has also taken a battering as the residents contemplate their future amid the ongoing violence. They count on the cooperation between themselves and the state agencies to restore a lasting peace in their home towns.

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