Endless pool

Does to the room have a breathtaking view? Then why not build an endless pool that will allow your guests to refresh themselves soaked in a cold water on a scorching day, with a glass of their favorite drink in their hands, gazing into the horizon gathering their thoughts.


While some seek for a seaside destination to work on their tans, others simply wish to lay back in a sunbed, hidden somewhere in shade, where they can enjoy their light summer reads without feeling overwhelmed by the heat. And baldachins are just the way to do it – whether you provide them with individual terraces or common one all the guests can access.

    A bar with a view

    Especially those who are in town for business are going to love the fact that there is a place they can pour a drink or two after a successful meeting. That is why if you have a terrace with a view, consider designing at least one part of it with a bar, from where your guests can overlook the city lights.


    Yes, strategically placed lighting fixtures can create an outstanding atmosphere, but why not offer your guests an opportunity to roast marshmallows under the stars? Though the hotel might be in the middle of a bustling metropolis, a fire pit would relocate them, just for the night, to a place far from the city noise.

    Green oasis

    And why not make this trip to nature even more realistic by enriching the terrace with dense greenery? Set up potted plants and allow climbers to cover the walls. Still, remember that depending on the types of herbs you opt for and the climate the hotel is located in, you’ll likely be in need of a long hose reel to water them and keep fresh all year long. These reels are wall-mounted units with ‘stop anywhere’ mechanism, meaning you will not find them entangled in the middle of the terrace, but neatly stored and blended with the balcony design.

    Koi pond

    Specially designed to promote the growth and health of marvelous koi fish, Koi ponds are at the same time outstanding decorative pieces. Larger or smaller in size, these ponds placed close to a seating area will evoke calmness and elevate the terrace look.

    Outdoor cinema

    Remember when you were just a couple of kids having fun in a car cinema, watching the movie out in a fresh air? Why not provide your guests with the same experience, playing the latest

    blockbuster on a large screen, while serving them, not just popcorn, but whatever their favorite dish or drink may be? All it requires is a large canvas and a couple of cozy sofas and you’ve got the unique move experience right on the hotel terrace.

    Balcony bedroom

    Evidently, this is an idea reserved for individual hotel rooms. Install floor to ceiling glass door and windows so your guests can open and close as they wish. During the warm days and summer nights, they could either enjoy breakfast in bed out in the open or sleep under the stars, and when the days get chillier… well, they can enjoy the same view, enclosed in a warm room.


    To elevate the overall design of the terrace and clearly define the seating area, you can install a wooden pergola and let the climbing plants take over the structure. Not only will it be pleasing to the eye, it will provide a light shade for 5 o’clock summer cocktails, while the sun is still high in the sky.


    Dimmers are by far the best choice for hotel owners who wish to please all their guests. Just be careful how you position the lighting fixtures to create a dim, romantic atmosphere, while at the same time enlightening the entire terrace. In-floor lights are most people’s favorite choice, as they are both discrete and highly-effective.

    Have an idea of your own? Please, don’t hesitate to share in the comment section.

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